ARDD 2022

The 9th annual Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting is a non-profit conference.

The ARDD Meeting has grown a great deal in a relatively short time: from a small forum in 2014 to a separate and independent meeting with over 2k delegates in 2020. From its start as a small forum during EMBO Conference, ARDD has expanded, including short talks of young scientists, industry panel discussions, workshops (NEW in 2021) and a student ambassadors program (NEW in 2021).

From 2014 till 2019 the ARDD Meeting was a part of bigger conferences (EMBO and Basel Life), in 2020 ARDD became an independent event. For most of its history, ARDD has been run on a shoestring with some support from our extensive close collaborators and KOLs in the field. From 2020 all the expenses, including travel and venue costs have to be covered by the ARDD organisers.

In the last few years, we received financial sponsorship to go alongside the in-kind support that we’ve had in previous years. That income is essential to our growth and is now helping us to secure the future of the ARDD Meeting.

In the spirit of transparency, we would like to explain how we are creating and funding a sustainable network, where that money is coming from, where it goes, and what we plan for the future. We want to make sure that everyone — whether speaker, volunteer, organiser, sponsor or event participant — has the opportunity to see how the ARDD is paid for and organised.

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