With more than 40 year of experience as a physician, today Dr. Michael Klentze is an international well-known expert in the field of preventive medicine and endocrinology. Over the past decade, he has used his expertise to train doctors and to pass on his knowledge as a professor in universities worldwide. His professional experience in Thailand and China inspired him to expand his range of
knowledge in areas such as molecular genetics and extracts of traditional Chinese medicine. “It’s not about getting older – it’s how to become old“ is his motto in life which also drives his approach to work.

• Associated Professor at the UCSI University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

• Associated professor at the UDAYANA University Bali, Indonesia

• Associated and visiting Professor Universitas Kristen (UKRIDA), Jakarta (Indonesia)

• Associated Professor Tianjin Hedong District Hospital in Tianjin, China

• Senior Lecturer at the Mae Fah Luang University Hospital Bangkok, Thailand

• Honorary President of The European Society for Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine

• Secretary General of the European Center of Aging research and Education (ECARE)

• Founder and Medical Director Klentze Institutes Munich, Madrid and Istanbul 1998-2012

• Honorary member of Diabetes and Endocrinology (Link to website >)

• Member of the editorial Board of Journal of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Link >)

• Founder Klentze Medical Faculty (KMF) with education to Fellowship of ECARE and numerous International affiliated doctors worldwide, who will receive continuing medical training

• Honorary President European Society of Anti Ageing and regenerative Medicine (ESAAM)

• Chief Medical Director Sangha by Octave, Suzhou / China ( 2017-2019)

• International medical Consultant for Vinga/Guangzhou, China, Macao, Thailand

• Currently consulting Leczcore Hospital in Tianjin (China) and Life Spring Clinic in Macao.

• Expert and developer of genetic polymorphism panels: Polymorphisms for clinical application in preventive and personalised medicine, especially endocrinology

• Expert for prevention of age-related illnesses, regenerative stem cell treatment with Prof. Augustinus Bader and Ticeba GMBH Heidelberg

Work experience

Klentze Medical Consulting, recent special projects / 2012 – present


  • Thanyapura Health and Sports resort in Phuket
  • Saudi German Hospital in Dubai, Vinga Group, Guangzhou
  • Octave – a new big project: a health & living concept in Suzhou, China
  • Cooperation with Skymark Hongkong for medical tourism


  • Klentze Institute in Klassis Club Hotel Silivri (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Klentze Institute Istanbul (Director Dr. Nesrin Ercelen)


  • National Institute of Ageing in South- America (Bogota)
  • Koc University, Istanbul
  • Repeated course seminar functional medicine in Sao Paolo (Brazil)


  • Operating a worldwide network of Anti-Aging clinics in Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Houston (USA), Munich (Germany), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Ukrida Jakarta and Pertamina Hospital (Jakarta Indonesia) in cooperative research with the Genosense company (Austria)
  • Organizing German Society of Anti-Aging medicine conference in Düsseldorf (Germany) as Chairman and European Society of Anti-Aging medicine in Milan (Italy), Frankfurt (Germany) as Secretary General
  • Co- organizer of European Prevention conference in Bundestag in Bonn (Germany) with Claudia Henning, which saw International experts, insurance leaders and European and German political leaders as speakers


International Medical DirectorGreenikon / Shanghai, China / 2018 – present 

An international medical center (IMC) comprising of the world’s best medical facility all in one location at Hong Qiao / Shanghai (China). The IMC will provide share services such as radiology, lab, and pharmacy. Dr. Klentzes role is the consulting for the emergence of the integrated Greenikon Check up and functional medicine center.

International Medical Director & Clinic DirectorThanyapura Health / Phuket, Thailand / 2012-2018

In October 2012, Klentze Institute joined with Thanyapura Ltd. in Phuket, Thailand, where Dr. Klentze has taken over the position of the Chief Scientific and Medical officer, overlooking the Klentze medical Education by Thanyapura subunit and the Thanyapura Integrative Health Center, a 75% subsidiary of the Thanyapura Ltd.

Ceo & FounderKlentze Institute / Madrid, Spain / 2011-2012

Opening of the Klentze Institut Madrid, focusing on medical education and affiliation of International doctors in the area of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti- Aging medicine.

International Medical DirectorVitalife by Bumrungrad International Hospital / Bangkok, Thailand / 2009-2012

Vitallife Wellness Center by Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand’s pioneer in Anti-Aging Medicine recruited Dr. Michael Klentze as an International Medical Director to head all the research and development in Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Medical Director Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine , Diagnoseklinik / Munich, Germany / 2008-2009

Dr. Klentze joined his Institute with the Diagnoseklinik Muenchen, specialized on state of the art preventive diagnostics.

Chief Medical Consultant / Medical DirectorLeonardis Clinic / Bad Heilbrunn, Germany / 2003-2008 / 2007-2008

Dr. Klentze worked in Integrative Oncology with the Leonardis Clinic in Bad Heilbrunn/Germany. Immunology, clinical genetics and Endocrinology became his great favorites.

Ceo & FounderKlentze Institute / Munich, Germany / 1996

Opening of the Klentze Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in the Munich city center. During this period, Klentze was also appointed as scientific advisor for Pfizer (Human Growth Hormone in Anti-Aging Medicine) and Lancaster Cosmetics, New York, Monaco for applying the training of in the field of Anti-Aging to their International managers.

Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis, Self employed / since 1985

Dr. Klentze continued his scientific education in the fields of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis (Individual and group therapy). He practiced as Balint group leader for analysis and treatment of patient / physician relationship.

GynecologistSelf employed / 1985-1996

Dr. Klentze led several clinics for Gynecology in Reutlingen, Mannheim, Munich (Germany). Also he became highly experiences in obstetrics.


After beginning a training as a specialist in neurosurgery in Munich, he moved to Göttingen and
Traunstein to specialise in gynaecology and obstetrics and finalised his studies in Psychiatry and
Psychotherapy, as well endocrinology and diabetology.

Dr. Klentze was studying medicine at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich and was graduating
with the grade of “excellent”. His license (Approbation as physician) he received from the Ministry of
Interior of The state of Bavaria in Munich, after having practiced as medical assistant for 1 year
(1975-1976). His doctor grade “Dr. med.” he received at the university of Tuebingen Medical School
(Germany) about the Urethral Syndrome.