Hasan Insel

Dr. Med. Hasan Insel


Doctor Hasan Insel is an Internist and a certified F.X.Mayr Prevent Physician and Honorary President at Intermed Medical Center-Istanbul


Dr Insel is one of the founders and vice presidents of ESAAM in 2003. With long years of international experience as an internist with main interest in Anti-Aging/Longevity medicine, Dr.Insel is well known for Check-Up and screening programs both for individuals and companies and also for preventive corporate wellness programs. 

Dr. Insel is also a certified F.X.Mayr Prevent Physician, which added extra benefits to his preventive medicine career as Internist.

Dr. Insel has started to use abdominal ultrasound for the first time in health screening check-ups as a preventive tool. In other words, he started using abdominal ultrasound not as a diagnostic tool for patients, but using it as a screening tool for healthy individuals without any illness or complaints. This certainly made a great change in the spectrum of screening and preventive medicine in 1982. 

He has great experience in organising and running AntiAging and Longevity centers and clinics.


He founded Intermed Medical Center, a clinic for preventive health screening in 1982, after returning from Germany to Istanbul as an internist to offer checkup programs for individuals and companies. This outpatient center is still the biggest outpatient medical center in Istanbul and Turkey with over 50 physicians working with up to date diagnostic and screening modalities. 

He founded The Medamerikan Medical Center in Istanbul, in partnership with the American Hospital, also for diagnostic work and check-up

Medest Antiaging Clinic is a longevity clinic founded by him in 2002

He is the founder of Medigen, an institution that organizes check-ups, antiaging and wellness programs and Corporate Wellness Programs training for companies.

Dr. Insel has also founded the Michigan based “International Association of Physicians for Healthy Living LLC” that organizes healthy living and check-up programs and trainings.


Dr. Insel is co-founder and member of the board of ESAAM  (2003 Paris and 2006 Vienna).

Representative of ESAAM for Turkey (2006)

Co-founder of Antiaging Society Turkey (2004) 

Academic Board member of WAAAM – World Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.

For over eleven years Dr. Insel has advised the International Department of the Columbia Cornell University New York Presbyterian Hospital, as a Senior Consultant.

For many years Dr. Insel has written articles on healthy lifestyle, check-up and preventive medicine in his column called “Stop the Clocks” in the Milliyet newspaper, as well as organizing and presenting “VIP and FIT” program on HTV Television.

He continues giving seminars and organising group trainings on “Prevention and Longevity with F.X. Mayr Method, “Boosting Immune System with Healthy Digestion” as well as organizing workshops titled “The Art of Digestion”.

Dr.Insel has a you tube channel, www.youtube.com/drhasaninsel

His book “The Art of Digestion for Antiaging and Healthy Lifestyle” has been a best seller in Turkey, with 14 consecutive editions in 18 months.


Dr. Hasan Insel is currently heading and consulting the Private and Corporate Check-Up programs, practicing Modern Mayr Method, Epigenetics, Longevity and Preventive medicine at the Intermed Medical Center in Istanbul.

Consulting “Yasasin Hayat Healthy Life Center” on F.X Mayr Medicine and Eating Habits 

Consulting “Esteworld Medical Center” on Longevity Medicine 

Dr. Hasan Insel is advising “Viva Knidos” in Datca, a very modern longevity center to be opened at the end of 2023.


Following graduation he worked in Germany and became specialist in Internal Medicine. He had his “Urkunde für Arzt für Innere Medizin” from Ärztekammer Nordrhein, Germany in 20 March 1981. He was trained in gastroenterological Endoscopy and Ultrasound in Erlangen University, Germany and in Carotis Doppler in Texas Advanced Health Center, USA.

After being qualified as a specialist in Internal Medicine, he kept on working in Dusseldorf, Germany in fields of internal medicine, gastroenterological endoscopy, upper abdominal ultrasound, check-up and preventive medicine till the end of 1981.

Following his return to Turkey, he continued to work in the fields that he had gained expertise in Germany and focused on practicing in advanced check-ups, preventive medicine, wellness, longevity, genetic testing as they were new concepts in Turkey at that time.

Dr. Hasan Insel has become a F.X.Mayr Prevent Physician in Austria in 2018. He is also a member of the International Society of Mayr Physicians. 

As well as having been trained on gastroenterological Kinesiology in Klagenfurt, Austria, he is a member of the IMAK Functional Myodiagnostic Society. 

He is also in the Medical Team of the “Chrono Institute”-Sigmund Freud University, Vienna.