Dr.Genovefa Kolovou


Doctor Genovefa Kolovou is a Director of Preventive Cardiology, Lipid Clinics and Lipoprotein apheresis Unit, Metropolitan Hospital.

Research activities

Doctors Kolovou’s scientific interest is focused on lipid metabolism and particularly on postprandial lipemia including gene polymorphisms, efficacy of hypolipidemic drugs and the influence of menopause. Additionally, her research interest is focused on rare genetic disorders concerning lipid metabolism such as sitosterolemia and Tangier disease, pharmacogenetics and longevity and ageing. She was a chairing in 3 Consensus [Postprandial Lipemia (2010, 2016) and in Ageing and Longevity (2012)].


2002: Greek Academy Award, 2002: Award from National Greek Women Council,

2011: Award from Hellenic Cardiac Society for the book “Andropause, Menopause, Somatopause and Cardiovascular System”.