Prof. Dr.Med. Elena V. Baranova


Professor Elena Baranova is a Doctor in Medicine (MD), doctor in Sciences (PhD, HDR) – EU, Commission Expert for «Genomics for Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Health & Personalized Medicine”, President of European Institute in Personalized Prevention & Health (Monaco).

Academic education

Doctor in medicine (1991), Doctor in sciences (PhD), Professor in medical genetics (France, since 1999). Also qualified in pharmacoepidemiology, genetic and clinical epidemiology (Harvard School programs, 1998, 1999), psychology (France, Switzerland, 1999 – 2002) and integrative quantum medicine (Russia, 2005).

Professional Experience

European Expert for Project Evaluation (European Gov. Commission; Brussels): Genomics, Life Sciences, Biotechnology for Health & Personalized Medicine (expert number: EX2002B003566). Participation in project evaluation and determination of the European Government strategies for “Food safety & quality” (priority 5) and Marie-Curie Actions (since 2002).

President of Prof BARANOVA European Institute in Personalized Prevention & Health, Monaco. Owner of International Monegasque brands and related products: “Haute Couture” Prevention,” “ReGene Products”, Personalized Prevention “Baranova”, “Baranova, Monaco” (since 2010).

Consultant-Expert for the International Projects in Genomics & Prevention, Nutritional Genomics, Genomics and Aging, medical SPAs and wellness in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, UK, Russia, USA, Croatia, Luxembourg.

Research Activities

Development of expert systems and decision support systems in new genetics & personalized medicine for clinicians and researchers. Application field: Pharmacogenomics, nutrigenetics, toxicogenomics etc. (USA, UK, Europe, Russia, 1999-2002).

Patents for: Genetics – Decision Support System for genomics and development of personalized programs (IDDN.FR.001.410013.000.S.P.2006.000.31230), 2006.

Regular speaker for: World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (AAM), British Society AAM, Switzerland Society AAM, Spanish Society AAM, Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, British Society of Environmental Medicine, Global SPA Summit, Switzerland Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and postgraduate education, etc.

Lecturer for: Postgraduate State University French Diploma in AAM, prevention and longevity (Montpellier, Paris, Lyon, St.Etienne).


Honorary Member of World Council of Preventive Medicine, Member of World Anti-Aging Medicine Society (advisory board), Member of American Society of Human Genetics, Member of International Group of Cancer Susceptibility, Member of Endometriosis Association, President of European Institute in Personalized Prevention, Member of Scientific Nutrigenomic committee (France, SFA), Member of NUGO (nutritional genomics international network), Member of French Society of Neurophysiology, Member of World Medical SPA Association.


Villa Bianca

29 rue du Portier, 98000, MC, Monaco