Prof. Dr. Dr.Med. Claus Muss


Professor Muss is a renowned and frequently citied scientist as well as clinician in the field of Integrative Medicine with clinics based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland focusing on Immunology, Oncology and digestive disorders.

Academic Education

He received his doctorates in Medicine, Biochemistry and finally earned his PHD Degree in Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the St. Elisabeth University (Slovakia) and was appointed after Habilitation (2012) full Professor by the Slovakian Government.

Research activities

As head and founder of the International Research Institute for Preventive Medicine in Vienna (PIKEM) he has published different medical textbooks and is coeditor of seven PubMed listed journals with more than 200 own published scientific articles.


He has organized different international congresses and symposia in Integrative Medicine worldwide as President of the International Research Group for Applied Preventive Medicine in Vienna (  and a board member of the Swiss Society for Preventive Medicine (